SOU – Education and Talent, contacted me for an inheritance project that they were working with Marisa. Since I already had worked as a freelance illustrator at SOU and knew the team’s great work and professionalism, I accepted the challenge without hesitation.

The purpose of the job was to illustrate approximately 30 poses of Marisa’s 3 characters. Carlos Eduardo, illustrator of SOU, had already produced the design of the characters and I was in charge to continue the project.

Below is the creation process and some images I developed for one of the characters.

Original Character Design by Carlos Eduardo – SOU.


I started working on the project by drawing the characters in random poses to see if I could reproduce the same design already approved by the client – Marisa.

In this case, as the design was already done, the challenge was to maintain the pre-established look, maintaining the quality and the deadline.

Final poses