For almost 5 years, I worked at Mogi das Cruzes University effectively helping to achieve the highest grade in the teaching material of the MEC assessment instrument and ensuring UMC accreditation in the distance modality.

As an Illustrator and Senior Designer I was managing workflow and implementing new projects in the industry such as educational games, applications, teaching videos, teacher training and enhancements to the LMS (Moodle) platform.

Quiz UMC

Multi-platform quiz game with multiple choice questions focusing on Enade students.

Available in a 2D environment, the student is presented with a set of questions based on the propaedeutic and/or course-specific disciplines measuring the students’ level of knowledge and improving understanding of the subjects.

The game has a rank to generate engagement and competition among students and a report board containing information needed for the actions of teachers and coordinators.

10 Tips for Distance Learning

Video proposed as a tool for integrating new students during their first access to the UMC EaD Virtual Learning Environment ( LMS )

Presenting, lightly and through animations, practices and study techniques that facilitate the understanding of content, help in the length of duties and allow greater organization during the school term, avoiding possible unforeseen that would lead to a disappointment regarding the teaching model. or even evasion of course.

The design and animation of the character was made by Fabrício Oliveira, while I took care of the part of Motion Graphics, composition, and sound effects. We had the freedom to work together on the script and storyboard for this animation, which in the end was very proud to see it appearing on all Mogi das Cruzes University communication channels.

Neste projeto, participei do processo de

Production of Teaching Material

In this animation, the intention was to present in 10 steps the necessary steps for the production of the content of a discipline offered in the distance learning modality of the Mogi das Cruzes University.

As this video presents several academic processes, and MEC evaluators would have access to animation on the day of the University visit, the script was left to the director of distance education, Ariovaldo Folino and the supervisor of distance education, Rosecleia Oliveira.

Again we split and the design and animation of the character was up to Fabrício Oliveira, while I took care of the part of Motion Graphics, composition, and sound effects.

Sucess histories

Campaign that aimed to tell success stories of teachers working at UMC.

I had a great participation in this project, being part of the pre-production, motion graphics, editing and sounding stages.

In total I produced 7 videos and due to the great success they were published on the official page of youtube and Facebook of the University, serving as campaign and dissemination.