In 2016, I developed a large project in partnership with Isat – Education and Digital Events for Amil, called Amiltown.

Amiltown is Amil’s Virtual City, created for its more than 25,000 (Amilpar) employees to integrate users and develop a sense of belonging within the company.

It is a collaborative space, gathering data about Amil, achievements, organizational history, perspectives, and it is an environment where employees can interact by posting photos, professional moments or even taking courses.


Isat approached me with the challenge and modernized Amil’s old Virtual City. The difficulty was to try to maintain the usual characteristics of the already consolidated Amiltown, but at the same time modernize it and bring a new freshness to the project.

Old Amiltown – unknown artist

With that in mind, I received the following client keywords for the new Amiltown:

  • Innovative
  • Modern
  • 3D
  • Futuristic
  • Friendly
  • Entertainment
  • Movement
  • Immersion

I made this first sketch for style alignment and building composition. As it was necessary to visualize 17 different buildings, I was playing with their height and layout in space.

The highlight was the DNA Amil building, where I used the logo’s own shape to create the building.

End result

After many comings and goings, I arrived at this end result that was approved by the client. User interaction takes place in all buildings and I made an internal illustration for each hall of the 17 buildings.

The night scene is an interesting fact in the project as the virtual city follows the real world time.